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Your Body Talks to You All the Time; Are You Listening?

Did you know that your body talks to you?

Of course, you do. It tells you when it needs food, rest, or the bathroom. But it tells you much more — if you know how to listen.

Much of listening to your body is about getting still and tuning in to how you feel.

It doesn’t take that long once you get into the practice of doing it.

You should listen if you ever get a “funny feeling” or a nudge to do or not do something. That’s your intuition talking to you. We all have that sense or ability; you have to work at listening to it at first.

But the mind-body connection isn’t all woo-woo.

A lot of it is much simpler.

Maybe you notice that you’re getting a headache. Do a quick scan: are you tense, thirsty, or hungry? Did you sleep well the night before?

These clues help you figure out what your body needs.

Aches, pains, and uncomfortable feelings in your body signal something wrong.

Some causes may be obvious; others need some thought. There may be physical reasons for your discomfort or emotional ones. A stomach ache, for instance, could be caused by several things — from spicy food to stress or anger.

Because I have anxiety, I often check my body for signs like clenched jaws or raised shoulders.

Your body is a good indicator of your mental health and your physical health.

Gut feelings and instincts are real. Your body does talk to you. Learn to read and trust it.

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