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Green Juices and Detox Diets Are Good, But Deep Breathing is Better

Did you know that most of your body detoxing comes from breathing, not digestion?

I didn’t until I did a little research on deep breathing. (I’m trying to improve my lung health and overall well-being.) When you practice deep breathing, it helps stimulate your lymphatic system, which carries waste away from the body.

70% of detoxification is done by breathing; your digestive system takes care of less than half of that.

I’ve never had a green juice or done a detox diet; I’ve never felt the need.

But oxygenating my body and keeping my lungs healthy is very important. And when all I have to do is breathe, why not? Deep breathing is slightly different from regular breathing, but it’s easy to learn.

You can try several deep breathing techniques, and they only take a few minutes a day.

You want to fill your lungs from your diaphragm (near your belly) to your chest, then hold for a few seconds and slowly release. Ten minutes a day, twice a day is recommended. It may take some practice to fill your lungs that much and sustain ten minutes of deep breathing.

That’s OK; anything is better than none at all.

There are other benefits to deep breathing besides detoxing your body.

These benefits include strengthening your lungs and heart, helping with digestion and energy, and reducing anxiety. You may have noticed that often when someone is upset, they are told to take a few deep breaths. This signals your brain to relax.

Take some deep breaths. It’s good for you.

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