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How to Give Yourself a Massage Every Day

I know that massages feel much better when someone else is doing it for you, but when that isn’t possible, doing it yourself can be almost as good.

Massage is so good for you: relaxing muscles, stimulating circulation, and nourishing your skin. It can be a wonderful way to begin the day or end it.

Start with a good massage oil: jojoba, almond, sunflower, or apricot. You can use a coconut or castor oil if you have very dry skin. Essential oils can be added to enhance your experience.

Imagine lavender before bed or a drop of peppermint to wake you up.

In the morning, you can do this right after your shower. Use the oil instead of body lotion and massage it in. A light oil will absorb and not stain your clothing.

Be sure to massage towards the heart.

So, from your feet upwards and from your hands to your shoulders. Lower body is massaged upward and the upper body down. And don’t forget to give your cuticles some oil!

You probably won’t feel as good (or as sore) as you might from a professional massage, but your body and spirit still benefit.

This could be a soothing practice after exercise, yoga, or meditation.

As with any massage, it’s a good idea to hydrate afterwards to help your body release any toxins or excess fluids.

Be sure to give this a try. You really can’t do it wrong as long as you do what feels good. Add some soft music, a candle and create a spa.

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