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How to Set an Intention for the Day and Keep It

Intentions can be powerful things if you use them the right way.

Lots of people set intentions — or resolutions — every January 1st, then never follow through. It’s best to start with a small intention rather than something big and to affirm it each morning. You can choose the same one if you’re trying to build a habit, or something different.

Make your intention simple and remind yourself of it often throughout the day.

One way to do this is to pause whenever you react to something or need to make a decision.

Ask: does this support my intention today? If your intention was to eat healthfully just for today, you may choose fruit over a cookie. If your intention is peace and you get stuck in traffic, how might you react in order to maintain your peace?

Can you imagine how much that might change the outlook of your day?

We always have the power of choice when it comes to how we respond to a situation.

Start your morning with a simple intention. You may decide to check your calendar and see what’s in store before you do. You may decide you need calm or clarity or maybe compassion.

Taking control over how you choose to react to life’s ups and downs puts you in charge of your life.

How about today you intend to do just that?

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