Brenda Nicholson

Do You Have the Courage to Be Your True Self?

Most of us have another identity hiding inside us, and no, that doesn’t make us crazy.

Many women were brought up with a set of rules about being a “lady” or a “good girl.” Be quiet and polite, speak softly and only when spoken to, put others before yourself, and always look your best.

But what if that’s not who you are?

Do you hold back being yourself to make others more comfortable?

I did for years. I still do, to some extent.

Hell, I’m still trying to prove myself to my parents, and they’ve been gone for years! How sad is that?

Why are we so afraid to be ourselves? What’s stopping us?

Is it fear?

What other people will think?

Why do we care?

What’s the worst that could happen?

I think there’s a hippie woman inside me who likes to wear colorful, flowy clothes (instead of always black, white, and gray) and loves to make art. She has a beautiful garden and knows how to do magical things with herbs.

What would happen if I let her out?

I might find my authentic self and be happier. I might not, but at least I would have tried.

And my family?

They might think I’m crazy for a bit, but they’d come around.

Wouldn’t your family love to see you happier and more yourself?

What excuses do you have for not trying?

Go on. Give it a try. Maybe just a baby step or two.

I could try a colorful scarf instead of a whole wardrobe and dig out my paint.

What about you?

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