Brenda Nicholson

The Sensual Side of Self-Care

Sensuality refers to much more than just sex; it’s a gratification of the senses.

Under the right circumstances, sex can be an excellent form of self-care. But consider your other senses in a sexual situation: a satin robe, body lotion with a pleasing aroma, some juicy strawberries or decadent chocolate. You can appreciate any of these even without sex.

Involving your senses in your self-care can make the experience more enjoyable.

Even the smallest things can make a difference.

Practice using mindfulness during your day. Notice the taste and texture of your food, or the smell of your shampoo. Appreciate how your favorite chair feels just right.

Take a moment to admire the flowers in someone’s yard or listen to the birds sing.

I love to hear the bullfrogs at night around our lake in mid-summer.

Buy a new water bottle in your favorite color, and add some fruit to make it more refreshing. Add some color into your life — painted toenails, new shoes, a summer dress. Hang some wind chimes outside and listen to their music.

Plant some herbs and add them to your food all summer long.

You can enjoy the way they look, smell, and taste.

Is there a rule at work that only black ink pens can be used? I once worked with someone who only used green ink. A pen, highlighter, or some cute sticky notes might brighten up your work day.

How about burning a nice smelling candle at night, or adding fun lights to your backyard?

Express your sensuality as you care for yourself.

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