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My Version of Self-Care is Simple and Easy

The version of self-care that I teach is simple, easy, accessible, and there when you have the time.

It is not meant as one more thing you have to do. And if you have a crazy day and don’t get to it, that’s OK. Give yourself some grace.

Self-care is made to benefit you, but if you’re rushing to find the time to fit it in, you’re not doing it right.

Today the day has slipped away from me, and I will probably be going to bed feeling stressed. I’ll try to find a few moments to calm myself, but if I don’t, it’s okay. The gift I’m giving myself today is not beating up on myself for missing some time for myself.

Ideally, self-care is a habit that you form that builds some downtime and relaxation into each day.

But we all experience crazy days when nothing goes as planned.

Those are the days when you learn to be grateful for why you need self-care in the first place. After a night’s rest, you can find a way to add a little more care to the coming day. And let yesterday and its stress go.

The point is to make a habit of making time for yourself and not to let crazy days be the norm.

If that’s the case, it’s time to take a more brutal look at your days, priorities and values, and how you spend your time.

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