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Self-Care is a Slow Process; Take the Time to Enjoy It

If you’re not enjoying self-care, what’s the point?

It shouldn’t be one more item on your to-do list. Can you imagine trying to rush through deep breathing to relax? You’d end up hyperventilating!

Self-care is slow because it takes time to implement and because it is something to be savored.

Making yourself a cup of herbal tea and then gulping it down as fast as you can defeat the purpose.

It’s better to choose one thing for yourself and take the time to experience it than to do three or four in a rush. When you hurry through something you’re meant to enjoy, you treat it like a chore to be crossed off your list. There’s no relaxation there.

Imagine doing ten minutes each of yoga, meditation, and journaling — watching the clock — and then crossing them off your list — boom, boom, boom!

Now imagine lying in a hammock in the backyard for twenty minutes or so, doing absolutely nothing.

Which sounds better to you? It’s not hard to guess. That’s what you’re aiming for with self-care.

If you think you don’t have self-care time, you need it more than you realize.

Start with five or ten minutes a day, or whatever you can spare.

Is there a specific time of day where those spare moments occur? If so, what can you do to relax in that space? If your time is flexible, you may have more activities to choose from.

Slow and enjoyable — that’s your goal.

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