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Slip Some Self-Care into Your Purse

Self-care should be second-nature, and the best way to do that is to make it quick, easy, and a natural part of your day.

Adding a few things to your purse ensures that you always have self-care at hand. What you choose to carry is up to you, but I have a few suggestions and one absolute must. I hope you’ll consider it.

Start by deciding what makes you feel good or helps when stressed.

What one thing can help you feel confident when you need to?

Those are the things that should go into your bag. Add stuff like meds but don’t forget personal things that boost your spirits. Care for all of you.

Do you need a hairbrush, nail file, or some perfume?

Dry shampoo, lipstick, or lip balm?

Tissues and hand cream are essentials; feminine products may be as well. How about an essential oil that you like? Or a small notebook for notes or sketching?

A charger for your phone might be helpful, and earbuds, too.

What about a dressier pair of earrings or other jewelry?

The one thing you should consider — is a silk scarf. Natural silk, in a color you love. It’s one of the best investments you can make.

Silk is luxurious and makes you feel special.

It’s a natural fiber and will last forever.

Silk can be worn all year. It takes up little space and will elevate any outfit you have. And you will feel fabulous wearing it!

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