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How to Practice Self-Care During Extremely Stressful Times

We’ve all had those times — caregiving for a loved one or living with illness or uncertainty — when it seems that stress is a constant in our lives.

I’m going through one now, and I thought I’d share what’s helping me. Today was a tough day, but I got through it and feel better. Remember that — you will feel better at some point.

Self-care may seem selfish during these times, but this is when it is most important.

Stress can take a tremendous toll on your health — it can be life-threatening — so don’t take it lightly.

Now is time to get back to basics. In self-care, that means healthy food, enough sleep, and exercise. Exercise can be your friend when you’re under pressure, helping you to work out some of that energy.

Whenever I’ve been under a lot of stress, I always fantasize about taking a boxing class. 😉

Anger is to be expected; be prepared to deal with it. Don’t hold it in — you need to let it out. Call a good friend, punch something (a pillow works), journal it out — and don’t be surprised if you rip the paper!

Try to be around others when you can, even if all you do is sit in the park.

And take any break you can — a few minutes can make a difference.

Remember what soothes you and use it. Try to listen to or read something positive daily. If you can, look for the lesson in this.

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