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How to Make Your Car (and Commute) More Peaceful

You need to balance road rage and being too peaced out. 😊

If you’re in your vehicle a lot, it pays to make it a comfortable space. Of course, safety is still your priority, but you can be safe and relaxed too. A calm state of mind is what you want when you are driving.

This can be a form of self-care because you make your car a pleasant place to be.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Make a habit of cleaning out your car every time you come home. It doesn’t take much if you keep up with it. If you find you are always collecting the same kinds of things, like food wrappers, keep a couple of plastic bags in your car to use as trash bags.

If you have to keep certain items in your car, or take them with you, get a nice container to organize them.

Add a small container for whatever your necessities are: tissue, hand cream, lip balm, snacks, or water.

You can purchase seat cushions that will fit over your seats if yours are uncomfortable. There are even seat covers for pets if yours travels with you. A small towel can come in handy for a lot of things.

Add a nice air freshener to provide a fresh or soothing scent; no pine trees, please!

And finally, find one station on the radio that plays the kind of music that calms you or lifts you up and put it on pre-set.

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