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How to Get the Benefits of Meditation without Meditating

Not everyone is interested in meditation; some find the practice more frustrating than restful.

There are ways to give your mind the rest that meditation does without meditating. The benefits may not be as great, but it’s worth trying. You are probably doing some of these already!

Coloring can be a meditative practice if it’s something you enjoy.

Spending time alone outdoors can let your mind wander and relax; take in the scenery around you, go for a walk, or even a run.

Listening to music can be a kind of meditation. Use sound muffling headphones if you can, and find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Instrumental music is often best for this.

Creating something with your hands, like knitting, can often be a meditative practice.

I find the simple act of chopping vegetables for a soup or salad to be very restful, especially if I have the kitchen to myself.

While not strictly meditative, zoning out for a while with a video game or Netflix can help your brain turn off and rest. When you have a lot on your mind, turning towards something else, especially something entertaining, can help. Just don’t make it into an all-day thing.

Spending time with pets or kids helps you relax your mind, have some fun, and build loving bonds.

The key is to find something that helps you let go of all the chatter in your mind and rest for a bit.

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