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5 Quick and Simple Things I Do for Self-Care That Take Seconds

Whoever the lady is who first said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that” should be getting money every time someone says it.

Because it’s true. We all have a list a mile long of things we should be doing; never mind the job, family, and house. We end up not doing any of them, first, because we’re overwhelmed, and second, because there’s no time.

I’ve found a way to work in little bits of self-care in my day.

They do add up; you get the same effects as if you’d spent more time.

I’m not a fan of exercise. But my dog loves to take walks, and I’m not about to tell her no. So we walk every day; not far, but we walk.

I add some exercise by parking at the back of the lot when I go shopping.

And I dance — while I cook, clean, or anytime.

I love yoga, so for the past few years, I’ve found one pose that is challenging for me. Each day, whenever I have a spare minute or few seconds, I practice. It took me two years, but I can do a forward fold now.

I do a quick massage when I put moisturizer on my face.

And I try to add moisture to my hands and nails whenever I can.

When I roast vegetables, after I toss them in olive oil, I rub the rest into my hands. I keep lotion everywhere, including the car. Lip balm too.

Most importantly, I keep social media and the news to a minimum.

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