Brenda Nicholson

Review, Reflect, Clear: Simplify

Do you take time at the end of a week or month to review and reflect?

Did you get the things done that you wanted to complete?

Did they help advance your goals?

What did you concentrate on or put off, and why?

Taking time to review and reflect ensures that you are spending your time wisely and that your goals are closer to being realized.

Making to-do lists and attacking them haphazardly gets you nowhere.

Are you getting the important things done, or just the easy ones?

Why do you keep putting off that one task? If it’s relevant to your goals, it’s worth examining.

Clearing out your week and month — making sure important things were done and what wasn’t done was either deleted or migrated — simplifies your life and gives you peace of mind.

You start each new week, month, or quarter with a fresh slate.

You’re making progress on achieving your goals and prioritizing your time.

You feel relaxed and in control. Stress is a thing of the past because you have taken charge of your time and used it to your advantage.

Breaking down your life into quarters, months, weeks, and then days takes the big picture of where you want to go and maps out the steps to get there.

No more January resolutions that fall apart before February arrives.

Your big goals get broken down and spread throughout the year as smaller chunks. Those may be quarterly or monthly tasks.

Weekly, daily, and even some monthly tasks will be planned as you go.

And there’s still room for flexibility.

That’s a better plan.

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