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You’re Making Your To-Do List the Wrong Way

A to-do list is simply a list of tasks to complete.

How could you possibly get that wrong?

Check how many of the following you’re doing.

Is it a task or a project?

Do you know the difference?

A task is one simple thing: take out the trash.

A project has more steps.

If you have to go around your house, collect trash from various tabletops and floors, and put it in numerous bags, then it is a project.

A project gets broken down into tasks, which go on your to-do list.

Is your to-do list organized?

Are your tasks listed in some sort of order — like importance — or are they listed in the order in which they occurred to you?

Are they prioritized, so that the most important ones get first attention?

Are dates attached to some of them, and are they already noted in your calendar? If so, why are they on your list?

How about noting which tasks will take five minutes or less? GTD (Getting Things Done) recommends two to three, but five is reasonable. If it only takes a short amount of time, do it and get it off of your list.

What about grouping like tasks together? Studies show that you are more effective if you batch tasks because your brain is doing just one thing.

So make all of your calls, or write your emails at once.

Are there tasks for different parts of your life? Personal vs work maybe? You could make a list of errand-related tasks for when you’re out.

Have you done a brain dump? Got everything out of your head and onto paper? That helps immensely.

And finally, have you broken your list down into time frames: today, this week, this month?

This is part of the system you should set up in order to simplify your life and get more done.

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