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Save Time and Increase Productivity by Deciding Once

The average person makes 35,000 decisions per day.

Too many to even think about.

And they start when the alarm goes off: get up now, or hit snooze?

You’ve probably made fifty decisions before you even get out of the door.

And if you’re a person who does hair, make-up, and a “look” before you leave, you’re probably closer to a hundred.

And in reality, none of them matter!

Will your life’s success hinge on whether you overslept by ten minutes, ate a bagel for breakfast, or wore a certain outfit last Tuesday?

No. Hell, you probably don’t even remember those details.

Start systemizing your life and making decisions once.

For instance, I have a very small capsule wardrobe that all matches. Getting dressed doesn’t require a decision.

Put your meals in rotation.

Make a list of three breakfasts, five lunches, and maybe twenty dinners. This is your go-to list.

The breakfasts and lunches stay the same each week, and you rotate the dinners.

Now write three grocery lists; one for each set of five dinners. Done. Forever.

Anything that you do regularly gets the same treatment.

Vacations, holidays, birthdays.

Same destination, same packing list? Decide once and write it down where you can find it.

Celebrations too. They’re the same every year.

Systemize your work.

Use one calendar for everything. Google is a good choice. Plus you can toggle between business and personal.

Name your documents one standard way. I use yy/mm/dd followed by a short description.

Same with folders. Does it go under banking or finance? Decide. Once.

You’ll be surprised how much brainpower and energy you’ll have once you free your mind from making these insignificant decisions.

Keep a journal with you for a week and record all the decisions you make.

Go back through and make a decision on each one.

You’ve just made your life easier.

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