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Listening to Your Body; What it Can Tell You

Do you listen to your body?

I’ve learned to listen to mine. Your body can tell you so much when you tune in. How do you do that and what can you learn?

You can learn a lot by paying attention.

Sounds crazy, but I recently learned how to tell when I’m hungry.

Before I grabbed something to eat, I would pause. Was I hungry or something else? Bored or thirsty or stressed?

This helped me tune into my body more and lose some weight!

Another way is to do a body scan meditation.

You check in with each part of your body, noting anything like tension or discomfort. This lets you adjust or go deeper. What’s happening?

What is your body telling you, and where are you feeling it?

Gut instinct or intuition is another way to read your body.

These subtle energies can pick up on things that you might miss. Learn to listen to and trust these “hunches”. Doing so will strengthen your abilities.

The best way to do this is to become mindful. Check-in with yourself regularly; see how you’re feeling or if you notice anything unusual. Put a reminder on the home screen of your phone so you won’t forget.

Make a habit of noticing your body.

Clenched hands, tight shoulders, or a headache? Relax your body and see if it helps.

Yoga is another way to become more in tune with your body.

The more you get to know your body, the more it can tell you. It’s worth the work.

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