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The Surprising Way to Clear Your Mind of Useless Clutter

Do you ever wish you could take your brain out and give it a good cleaning?

I know I do. But I have ADHD so I probably have more clutter than most. That’s how I found a surprising way to clear things out.

Your outer world reflects your inner world.

That means that if your house is a mess, you’ve probably got too much going on in your head. Relatable, right? We’ve all got too much going on.

So the easy solution is to clean.

How can you think clearly if your environment is a disaster? You can’t. Think about how peaceful and good it feels when things are clean and orderly.

If you’ve read anything about minimalism, you often hear about the sense of peace that comes with it.

Sounds nice.

You can schedule a massive clean-up and get it all done.

Or you can take a different route.

Figure out where the mental chaos is coming from and find the corresponding area in your space.

If it’s all about work, a clean desktop would help.

If your kids are bugging you, maybe they should pick up their stuff or clean their room.

Take a look at your planner. Do you need to get things in order? Or what about your purse? Does it need a good cleaning?

If you’re still having trouble figuring it out, try two things:

  • Do a brain dump and get it out of your head and on paper
  • Clean your bathroom or bedroom

Getting things on paper and having one clean space of your own can be a good start.

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