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Five Tips to Get Past Depression when Your Meds aren’t Enough

Depression medication is a lifesaver when it works, but sometimes it needs help.

It’s not that you need a change of meds. Maybe something is going on in your life that’s making things worse. The weather or time of year can do it.

Here are the things that have helped me.

1: Changing my attitude.

It’s not impossible.

Making art, dancing to music, or playing with my dog all lift me. So does a funny movie, especially with John Candy. Find what makes you feel good and use it.

2: Nature

Being outside makes me feel good.

When I was caring for my dad, I spent every spare minute on the deck. Fresh air, sunshine, and listening to the birds all helped me relax.

3: Exercise

This is about mental health, not your thighs, so no pressure.

Moving my body makes me feel better even though I hate exercise. But some yoga or a walk in the neighborhood work. Maybe because I’m shifting my attention.

4: Journal

Journaling lets me get all of my dark thoughts out of my head.

I can worry, imagine the worst, get angry. No judgment with my journal. And I feel better just letting go.

5: Talk to Someone

It could be a good friend or a therapist.

Sometimes just having someone to listen to you can help. If they offer advice, OK. It might be better if they just listen, but that’s your choice.

Try and try again.

Nothing is forever. Find what works for you.

And if things get too bad, please see a professional.

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