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I Have Fallen Off ALL of the Wagons, and You Know What? It Happens

Just so we’re clear — I haven’t fallen off the big wagon — I’m not drinking.

But everything I’ve ever advised in terms of self-care? I’ve fallen off all of those. The only thing positive that I’ve been doing for myself is walking.

Oh, and painting.

I started watercoloring again at someone’s suggestion and that helps.

In my defense, I am currently volunteering for two non-profits, getting a house ready to sell, trying to make arrangements in the new state for temporary housing, and trying to be good to myself.

And, just like most women, that one fell off the list first.

My depression has gotten worse and my motivation tends to disappear.

I’ve tried to fight it, but you really can’t. So I’ve called a truce. I’m letting my body and brain and spirit rest for now.

I’ve been ignoring texts and emails from a certain non-profit who depends on me far too much while everyone else does nothing.

I’ve tried to avoid real estate apps, news apps, and most social media.

This is my self-care right now. I play way too many word games and am trying to read Jane Austen. WHY are her books so popular?

Self-care can be anything you need it to be.

The important thing is to realize when you need it.

Or develop a habit of doing something daily to keep yourself feeling good. It might be a good idea to keep some alternatives in mind as well. My usual self-care hasn’t worked so well, so I’ve tried new things.

Hopefully I’ll be my old self soon.

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