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Make Your Life Easier by Making Fewer Decisions and Automating What You Can

Want to make your life easier? Start by making certain decisions once, and then automate as much as you can. Here are some examples:


Decision fatigue is a real thing. Save your energy for big things that matter. Choose a “uniform” that you can throw together without thinking. Neutral tops and bottoms that match, and a pop of color with a cardigan, shoes, or jewelry. Done!

While we’re talking clothing, find a few brands that you can rely on and shop those. If you have time and enjoy shopping, you can explore, but when you stick to what you know will fit, life is easier. And go for quality over fast fashion!

Start a list in your planner of dinners your family likes. Or you can just write down what you had every night, and if it was a keeper. After a few weeks, with little time or effort, you will have a month’s worth of meals. Dinner planning is complete!

Delivery service for everything. Order your groceries online and have them delivered. Same with anything you use often. Amazon and other retailers let you put things on subscription. You get a slightly lower price, and your essentials arrive right when you need them.

Regardless of what your skin care routine is — three steps or twenty — standardize your products and stick with them. Your skin will be happier and you can add your beauty care (and cosmetics, etc) to your auto-subscribe list.

Medications are another great subscription idea. Most insurance plans already offer online services; just put your meds on auto-refill. And if there are any over the counter meds or supplements that you take, automate those as well.

If you can, putting all of your bills on autopay is a huge relief. You never have to worry about past due bills or remembering to pay something. I check once a week to see what’s coming up so I’m prepared financially, and then check the balance daily.

Are you getting the idea? The more you can get done for you — automagically — the less you have to deal with. Life flows a lot easier and you will feel so much better!

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