Brenda Nicholson

What You Think About, You Bring About

I believe that title is a quote from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Or, to quote the title of one of his books, You’ll See It When You Believe It.

Some people call it manifestation. Albert Einstein called it physics. So whether you are spiritual or only want hard facts, you’ve got it.

While some people talk about and use manifestation for big things, like trips or money, I want to talk about the small, everyday things.

Lately, my life sucks.

It’s been stressful, depressing, and tiring.

I realized the other day that all of my thoughts revolve around how stressed I am, how much there is to do that isn’t getting done, how tired I am, and mostly how we’re never going to get back to Michigan because this is just taking too damn long.

Yes. I will be stuck in Indiana for the rest of my life because that’s how I feel.

I should know better.

I do know better, but I’m not doing better.

Dr. Dyer, Albert Einstein, and the concept of manifestation say that you create your reality with your thoughts. It’s not such a weird idea. You had to think of what to make for dinner before it showed up on your plate, right?

So if you walk around like Eeyore with a constantly dim view of things, that’s what you’re going to get.

Change your mind, change your life.

Time for me to change my thoughts and add some affirmations.

You can choose a happy life or a miserable one. Which do you want?

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