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Be Like LeBron: Meditate Like a Superstar

LeBron James, like many professional athletes, meditates.

Even during games. He says it centers him and keeps him calm, especially during a challenging game. He also uses meditation to help him sleep at night.

I hear the biggest objection to meditating is that people have difficulty clearing their minds.

Meditation doesn’t expect you to clear your mind. It’s virtually impossible. Instead, you focus on one thing and bring your attention back to it when your mind wanders.

Start with short, guided meditations, no longer than about ten minutes. Guided meditation has someone leading you through it. This can be easier than just focusing on your breath.

You may have to try a few to find one that you like. There are apps that you can try, although most charge a fee. You can also check YouTube.

Once you get the hang of it, meditating is like a small island of utter peace in your day.

It has beneficial effects, such as lowering your stress levels and blood pressure, aiding sleep, helping you focus and clarify your thoughts, and positively affecting depression and anxiety.

It becomes something that you look forward to each day because it makes you feel so good. And the more you practice, the better you get.

You may find yourself dropping into a short meditative state during a stressful period, just like LeBron.

I’ve experienced it myself, so I know that it is possible.

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