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A Great To-Do List is the Key to Being Your Most Productive Self

What’s the difference between your to-do list and a great one?

A great to-do list is prioritized by date and importance. It is geared towards your goals. And each item is exactly that; there are no projects on this list.

A project has more than one step; each of those steps is one task.

A great to-do list is well thought out and designed to let you be as productive as possible.

A to-do list should have monthly, weekly, and daily versions.

You start your year with goals, break them down by quarter, then by month. Additional tasks are added as needed. Weekly and daily lists are pulled from this master list based on priority.

Divide your tasks into categories, so, for instance, a worklist would only have work-related tasks.

Your first attempt at a to-do list will be haphazard. That’s OK.

Note any tasks with dates attached. Those are added to your planner on the appropriate day. If needed, you can add a reminder a few days before.

Next, prioritize your tasks. The Eisenhower Matrix is great for this.

  • Important and urgent tasks are top priorities. Get them done ASAP.
  • Important but not urgent tasks are scheduled.
  • Not necessary, but urgent tasks can be delegated.
  • Unimportant, non-urgent tasks are dismissed or handled if you can.

You will also be more productive if you batch similar tasks and do things that take just a few minutes right away, assuming they are top priorities.

Make this a part of your routine, and you’ll see a vast difference in your productivity.

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