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Slow Self-Care Can Earn You Long-Term Benefits

We all know we need to take better care of ourselves.

But it’s hard to fit one more thing into an already tight schedule. And self-care is often last on our list of things to do. Here is how to make it a no-brainer.

Find your most significant problem area. It might be your stress levels, your weight, or something else.

Break it down as small as you can.

Maybe you want to lose weight. This means exercising more and changing what you eat. Choose one.

Slow self-care is about making one small change at a time.

Instead of a gym membership, start walking more. That’s all.

If you drive to work, park farther away. Make that a habit no matter where you go.

Agree to commit to this new habit for three months.

And keep track of it daily.

Before the three months are up, you should have a new habit in place. One you don’t even think about doing.

Then start with something new.

Maybe one extra glass of water before dinner.

The idea is to make gradual changes that are easy to do. This way, you’re more likely to do them and keep up with them.

In one year, you could make four healthy changes to your life.

Permanent changes that make you feel better about yourself.

With minimal effort.

Changes in your life can cause stress, even if they’re good for you.

Slow self-care allows you to make those changes without stressing yourself out.

What are you going to change?

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