Brenda Nicholson

We Live in a Scary World. How Can You Cope?

We’re all watching Russia and Ukraine.

Holding our breath, waiting to see what happens next. We have been dealing with a scary world for a few years and things are getting worse. What can we do?

You start small and begin with yourself.

Realize that you can’t control the world, or save it, but you can take care of yourself.

That isn’t selfish.

To do any good in the world, no matter how small, you have to be at your best.

That means enough sleep, nutritious food, healthy habits, good mental health. That helps you stay strong when you need to be; when things are going crazy. It gives you the ability to help where you can.

If there are children or elderly people in your life, they might need some extra support now.

They may be frightened or uncertain. Self-care lets you be the stable, level-headed influence in their lives. Just maintaining everyday life can be reassuring; a sign that things are OK.

Once you care for your world, you can focus on the larger one.

This Washington Post article has many ways to help.

But as you focus on the bigger picture, never lose sight of your needs and those around you. Do what you need to do for your physical and mental health and then care for others.

It’s an expanding circle with you at the center. Expand outwards to include others in your care, but always come back to the center.

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