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There are Very Few Life-Changing Moments. How to Back Your Anxiety off the Ledge.

You know how anxiety works.

You start with a slight worry. You make it as big as possible, adding in every worst-case scenario you can think of. Then you finish it off with a horrible ending that even a drama queen would be proud of.

Kind of like when my mom got pregnant and assumed she had stomach cancer and would die.

All of the drama in your life exists in your head.

You live an ordinary existence, like most of us. You have a lot of anxiety and an overactive imagination. Learning to manage both will be a huge relief.

Let’s STOP this out-of-control thinking:

  • Simple: take your worries down to their one simplest form.
  • True: Is what you are worried about accurate or likely to happen?
  • Other: are there other alternatives that could happen instead?
  • Present: bring your mind back to the present moment. Is there anything you can do to control or change it right now? If not, then let it go.
  • Letting go is the hard part.
  • It doesn’t have to be.
  • Anxiety comes from fear, and your primitive brain is trying to keep you safe. Remind your brain that you have thought this through logically and know that you are secure. There is no need to worry.
  • You’ll need to maintain this for your brain to accept it, but doing so will increase your self-confidence and lower your stress.
  • You can take back your control and stop being afraid.
  • That’s a powerful feeling.

Now start using that hyperactive imagination to put some fun into your life.

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