Brenda Nicholson

Treat Yourself with the Love and Respect that You Deserve, Starting Now, No Excuses

When it comes to priorities, you are number one.

Before your children, partner, loved ones, or anyone else. Your boss is not on the list. Neither is anyone who is all about negativity.

Say it with me: ain’t nobody got time for that.

What you DO have time for — or will MAKE time for — is self-care.

Because you come first, you are well-rested, well-nourished, and your mind is clear and focused. That is how you take care of all you do. It is not selfish.

Once you are in good shape, you have the energy and mindfulness to do what has to be done.

Women always put themselves last.

I was raised that way. Put others’ needs before your own, take what’s left after everyone else has eaten, and be kind and gentle while you’re at it. Up before everyone else and the last to go to bed.


Here’s what to do instead:

  • Get as much help as you can from whoever lives with you.
  • Have enough food for a week’s worth of easy meals in the house.
  • Do enough laundry for the week. That includes clothing and towels. My kids could do a simple load of laundry by the time they were ten. And we use our towels more than once — just a suggestion.
  • Now you will start going to bed at a decent hour every night.
  • Do this for a week.

See how it feels to be well-rested and have the laundry and meals under control.

This is just the start. Keep trying.

And get yourself a tiara.

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