Brenda Nicholson

How I Rediscovered My Joy in Life (and How You Can Too)

Friday, December 3, 2021, I started what would become a disaster of an art project and found my joy in life again.

I had been looking for meaning in my life and remembered how, as a child, I had loved to make art. I found an online class and signed up. I was so excited!

I had fun buying supplies — paints and brushes — and I couldn’t wait to begin.

The artist teaching the class mailed a box of materials which intrigued me more.

I made many mistakes along the way, some before the class even started. But I kept going because I wanted to do this. Why had I stopped making art?

Because, as an adult, my “art” didn’t measure up to some standard I had assigned.

I wasn’t doing this to make money or show in a gallery. I had always done it because it was fun. Wasn’t that reason enough to keep going?

What did you love as a child but don’t do anymore?

Why did you quit? Did you decide you were too old or not good enough? Says who, and why do they matter?

That project gave me absolute joy.

It inspired me to keep going. Now I have a list of lots of art to make. More importantly, I know what makes me happy.

Everyone deserves some genuine happiness in life.

If you don’t know what yours is, it’s been too long. Look back at your childhood. Maybe there are some clues there.

You’re never too old to play.

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