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Mother’s Day, All the Emotions, and Maybe Self-Care

I really didn’t want to write today.

It’s Mother’s Day, and while I have two beautiful children who love me, I once had three.

I’m lucky to have sweet friends who checked in on me today. And I had a few that I needed to check in with as well. I’m choosing to look at it as a big circle of love and compassion.

We all have someone who gave birth to us.

For some of us, our moms were/are the best.

For others, not so much.

Some didn’t grow up with a mom, for one reason or another.

But I sincerely hope that there was someone there who loved you and let you know they cared. I know I have a few “adopted” sons in this world. I still love them, even though they’re grown men and hopefully don’t need me anymore.

And if you’re a mom, trying desperately to get it all done, I extend my love today to you, because we could all use more.

Stop trying to be perfect. Stop trying to get it all done.

Love your babies — no matter how big they are — and love yourself. Because that’s the best thing you can teach them.

When my mom and mother-in-law were still with us, Mother’s Day was about them. We would rush to both houses and end the day at home, exhausted. And I still needed to get ready for Monday and the week to begin.

Give yourself the gift of rest today. You deserve so many good things.

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