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I Made a Surrender Pocket to Give Up What I Couldn’t Control

What is a surrender pocket?

It’s an envelope. You write what is worrying you — things you have no control over — and place them in there. Acknowledge they are out of your control and give them over to the Universe.

And then, each time you think of one of these things, you remember that you have given it over to a higher power to handle.

I have been stressed almost to my limits lately. It’s making me sick. Literally.

My husband is supposed to retire within six months and is resisting it. Yet he wants it. He looks for another job and talks about not working.

This comes with an out-of-state move.

When do I begin packing? Where will we live? There are so many moving parts.

And that’s just the part of my life I’m willing to share with you.

I’ve never tried a surrender pocket before, but I’m desperate.

I found the idea from, an art site that I love.

The project (it’s free) came with a set of instructions and affirmations that you print and add to your envelope.

Will it work? Is it magic?

I don’t know and I don’t think so.

While I do believe in magic, I’m not sure this is. Maybe some glitter would help.

When you are stressed and need relief, you might be willing to try anything. I know I am.

Creating something appealed to me, and it tucks into a journal. Surely you know how I feel about those.

Couldn’t hurt.

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