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How Much Time Do You Give Yourself Each Day?

Do you make a point of allowing time for yourself each day?

I’m talking about time set aside for whatever you want to do. Not 15 minutes to shower and dress. And workouts only count if you enjoy them.

That’s a bitch.

Setting aside time for self-care or relaxing should be a regular part of your day.

And no, it’s not indulgent and doesn’t have to include bubble baths.

Just as your body and mind need a certain amount of rest each day, so does your spirit. Think about it: how would you feel and react to others if you had time for yourself to recharge? Can you imagine what that would feel like?

Giving yourself time each day is vital to your overall well-being.

Maybe I don’t have to convince you of this.

You already know that you need some time to yourself regularly.

What you don’t know is how to find that time.

Let’s assume that you’re a person who plans for the week or the day.

You plug in appointments and meetings, things you have to do.

Here’s where you take a tip from financial advisors and pay yourself first.

The first thing you schedule is time for you. Then you work everything else around that. And no, cutting into sleep time is not acceptable.

Here’s what you gain in addition to some personal time:

  • a less stressful life, which could also mean a longer one
  • a happier, more productive life, for you and those around you

Please tell me you know you’re worth it.

And take the time.

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