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Beat Stress with Just Two Concepts

Constant stress is both draining and dangerous to your health.

Common strategies include meditation, exercise, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques. Talking to a friend, turning on some good music or a funny movie, or doing something you enjoy can also help. Therapy might be suggested, and medication for the anxiety that stress may cause.

These are all great suggestions — but…

As someone suffering from chronic stress lately, I can tell you — these are all just short-term solutions. And they come down to one concept: distraction.

If you can distract yourself for any length of time, you are giving your mind and body a break from the stress. And that’s good. You can use any break you can get.

Here’s where the second concept comes in: stress is likely to cause you to be both anxious and possibly depressed. Exercise, meditation, and relaxing sound unappealing and not possible. You don’t have the energy for it.

The second concept in beating stress is doing what you need to do regardless of how you feel.

Find a movie that makes you laugh every time and turn it on. Then all you have to do is sit and watch. Pretty easy.

Or turn on some tunes and dance. You’ll feel better, I promise.

These solutions — and more — can help you feel better in the short term.

But if you have lasting stress, you need to do more.

You need to find the root cause of your stress and address it. Therapy, maybe journaling.

Just do it.

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