Brenda Nicholson

You Must Take Action on What Your Body is Telling You

My uncle used to light up a cigarette as he scheduled his next radiation treatment for lung cancer.

Why bother, right?

If you’re tuning in to your body and not taking action on what it tells you, aren’t you doing the same thing? Maybe not as drastic or life-threatening, but still. Why bother?

Your body and mind work together to keep you safe and healthy.

When you get a signal from your body, you’re supposed to take action, but often, we don’t.

I’m just as guilty as anyone else.

It’s easier to take a pill for your headache instead of taking the time to figure out why you have one in the first place. Even if you know why your head is pounding, how much will it take to solve the problem that’s causing it?

We’re all busy. And in today’s world, there are more significant problems than looking for the cause behind your headache.

You need to take the time to figure it out and then address it — every time you have a signal from your body that something’s not right — because your body will persist more emphatically until you can’t ignore it anymore.

I had a stressful job once. Sometimes one of my feet would stop working; I would have to drag it as though it was paralyzed.

I got three strep infections in a row and then ten canker sores on my tongue — lined up on both sides. Quitting my job made me healthy again.

What will it take for you to take action?

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