Brenda Nicholson

Would Little You Approve of Grown-Up You? There’s Still Time.

What did you want to be when you grew up, and how are you doing with that?

Kids often have some silly ideas about what they want to be; I wanted to be a longhorn steer. 😂 But along with the silly ones, there are realistic ones too, or hints of them. I also wanted to be a writer, and here I am.

The point is, are you following your dreams?

All those things you thought you would do once you grew up — have you done any of them?

If not, how come? I understand that some of your childhood ambitions may not be relevant any more, but what about the ones that are? What made you happy as a child?

I loved drawing and writing and now I make sure those are a regular part of my life.

I don’t have to be a professional at either one of them; I just have to enjoy them, and I do.

I bet you don’t even have to think hard about what your special “thing” is. You can remember it without any trouble and maybe even picture yourself doing it. So when did you stop and why?

It’s time to revisit your childhood dreams.

Dust one off soon and give it a try.

I’d love it if you would hit reply and tell me what it is. And then let me know when you try it and how it feels. Reliving a bit of your childhood can be the best self-care of all.

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