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What to Do if Mindfulness Doesn’t Work or Stresses You Out More

Mindfulness is not a solution for everyone.

As much as I have studied it, this was news to me. Also, surprising was finding out that there are many ways to practice mindfulness. And that sometimes, trying to do so can cause added stress.

Mindfulness is calmly observing what is happening in the present moment without judgment.

Regular practice has many health benefits, including better sleep and less stress.

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and turned to mindfulness as one way to help. It didn’t work. I realize now that there were other techniques that I could have tried and that failing at being mindful added to my stress level.

Reframing “mindfulness” into simply giving your mind a break could help immensely.

Researchers suggest things like yoga, journaling, meditation, and being outdoors. Those are all good ideas, but if you can’t be mindful, you certainly can’t meditate. And maybe some of those things aren’t for you.

I can think of many ways to give your brain a rest that may be easier for you and just as effective as mindfulness.

Think of things that you enjoy doing and try those instead.

Screen time — within reason — could work. Playing with your kids, getting active, working off some energy, or even getting out of the house can help redirect your mind. Sex could be an excellent distraction from what’s stressing you.

You don’t need to make this a big deal.

Find a few things that engage your mind and keep them in mind for when you’re stressed.

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