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What Does Your Body Tell You About Your Job? Time to Listen.

Remember Sunday nights when you were a kid and you’d go to bed hoping the school would burn down overnight?

Some people feel that way about work. There have been a record number of people quitting their jobs recently. People are beginning to realize that, no matter how much you need a job, you need your health more.

When your job causes you too much stress, your body lets you know.

I had a stressful job once; it caused my foot to stop working now and then, as though I had had a stroke.

You would think that would have been a wake-up call, but it wasn’t. Four cases of strep throat in a row didn’t convince me. Finally, when I got ten canker sores — in neat rows — down my tongue — my doctor told me it was stress.

Your body and your mind will let you know that you need to make a change; you just have to pay attention.

Then you have to take action: find another job, find a solution where you work, talk to your boss.

Stress is dangerous to your health. It can affect your body and damage it for life. Is a job you hate worth that?

I know you need to work, but you also need to live.

You need to focus all you have on making your situation better.

There will never be a solution as long as you believe there isn’t. Change your mind. Solutions are there if you’re willing to look.

You deserve a better life.

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