Brenda Nicholson

The Most Important Benefit of Self-Care is the Message It Sends

When you practice self-care, it sends an important message to the person who matters the most: you.

As you get into the habit of putting yourself first and taking care of your needs, your subconscious mind notices. New neural pathways are being formed to tell your brain that self-care is something you do. This is a very powerful shift.

Between habit-forming activities and a subconscious that believes self-care is good for you and something you want — taking care of yourself becomes second nature.

You turn into someone who automatically takes care of yourself first.

What would your life be like if you were the healthiest you could be, if you had energy to spare, and you felt and looked your best?

Hard to imagine. Most of us think that putting ourselves first is either selfish or only for the rich. It’s meant for all of us.

Consider the message you send to others when you prioritize self-care.

You become a role model for other women and, more importantly, young girls.

Your relationships with others might even improve. A woman who takes good care of herself and values herself doesn’t let other people take advantage of her. She surrounds herself with confident, self-assured people like herself.

Are you ready to start being who you were meant to be?

Look at your life now, pick one thing to improve, and then do it.

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