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Ketchup, Frosting, Anxiety, Depression

How are these four things related?

Two are food-related, and two are mental health issues. Surely there’s no connection. But there is, and it makes so much sense when you find out.

The food that you eat can affect your mental well-being.

You know this.

Have several shots of liquor, and your mental state will change. Put some ketchup on your fries, and it can affect your anxiety and depression. The same is true for many types of foods.

How does this work?

Some ingredients in ketchup, frosting, and other refined foods can affect your mood.

Ketchup, for instance, has sugar in it. Your blood sugar levels go up, and then they crash, making anxiety or depression worse. Even ketchup without sugar can contain artificial sweeteners, which affects your mental health.

In addition to the sugar in the frosting, you also have partially hydrogenated fats, which are linked to depression. These same fats are also found in many non-dairy creamers.

Caffeine can affect anxiety and depression too. That means coffee, black tea, many kinds of soda, energy drinks, chocolate, and even water. Caffeinated water exists! I bought some once without realizing it.

White bread, some cereals, and baked goods are also things to watch out for. The refined white flour acts like sugar does, spiking your blood sugar and causing a crash. The baked goods may also contain sugar and hydrogenated fats, creating a triple threat.

Feel like there’s nothing left to eat? There’s lots of good stuff! Emphasis on good.

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