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I’m Taking a Break Today Because I’m Practicing Self-Care

I did that thing that I’m always talking about and listened to my body and decided that I need a break.

I’ve been writing these essays for the past 72 days, minus one. I’m learning discipline. And I’m also practicing what I preach.

I have a lot going on — just like you do — and once in a while, we need to stop and rest.

If we don’t take that time to recharge, our bodies will eventually shut down and make us.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, but a vital one. You know what? The world won’t fall apart if you take a little time for yourself.

You know what’s a great idea?

Treating yourself like a toddler.

Make sure you get a nap every day and eat nourishing food. Take plenty of time for play. And go to bed early, because you need your sleep.

Kids have routines for their days and nights. Their parents structure them and they seem to thrive with a familiar schedule. I bet the adults would benefit just as much from a similar set up.

You can start with a night time routine.

You probably already have one, if you wash your face, brush your teeth, and put your pjs on.

Now add in some self-care. Start with one easy thing. How about a nice lotion with a fragrance to help you sleep?

Add more to your routine as you get used to it.

Toddlers get bedtime stories and drinks of water; you could do that. 😉

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