Brenda Nicholson

How Much You Take Care of Yourself is a Direct Reflection of Your Sense of Self-Worth

When I first found out that how much you take care of yourself is an indicator of your self-respect, I was blown away.

It makes sense when you think about it, but I had never thought of it that way before. Think about two pieces of clothing you own: one is an old, ratty t-shirt that you wear to sleep in, and the other is an expensive designer shirt. You’re going to take care of one, but someone could wipe the floor with the other, and you’d be OK.

You’re like that ratty old shirt when you don’t care for yourself.

Not worth much.

At least, that’s the message you give your subconscious and the people around you. You’re better than that. You’re even better than the most expensive thing you own.

Practicing self-care regularly tells other people (and yourself) that you value the person you are.

Your time is just as valuable as anyone else’s, and you choose to spend part of yours on yourself because you are important.

Most women struggle with low self-esteem. And most women spend the majority of their time serving others. They put themselves last.

What does that say — to yourself and others, like your children?

Your self-respect affects your entire life; you should do all you can to keep it healthy.

What makes you feel good about yourself? What kind of self-care can help you feel that way? Break it down to something small and manageable, and start working on your new habit.

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