Brenda Nicholson

How I Learned to Love My Body and Be More Confident, Without Dieting and Exercise

I’ve waited 66 years to feel comfortable in my skin.

Way too long, don’t you think?

I can remember being self-conscious about my body as a kid.

No more. Now I feel good!

So what magic brought about this change?

A lot of the usual things: I quit drinking, learned to eat healthier, took control of my mental health, and started moving more.

But the biggest thing was when I cut my hair.

I had a hairpiece glued to my shaved head for years to cover up thinning hair.

One day I got tired of it, had the hairpiece removed and my long hair cut to match the shaved part.

My hair was maybe an inch long, and I loved it!

I felt free!

I wasn’t hiding under a mane of hair anymore. I was authentically me, bald head and all.

(I confess to getting it colored when my grandson told me I looked old.)

Since then, I’ve learned to listen to my body and myself more. I do and wear what feels good to me, like the person I am.

I’ve learned that being who you are is freeing and makes you much more confident.

The person I present to the world now is me, and I am kinder, more patient, and willing to let others be who they are.

I’m more compassionate and generous in spirit, and I find it easier to talk to people now, even ones I don’t know.

Start listening to your body and that small voice inside. Start being who you are, not who others expect.

It’s wonderful.

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