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Does the Most Important Thing in Your Life Show up as #1?

What’s important to you, and where are you putting your daily focus?

Unfortunately, those are likely two different answers. Your family is your priority, but you need your job, which takes most of your time. And of course, there’s all the house-related stuff.

How do you show your family how important they are when you have so little time?

Since the hours you spend at work aren’t likely to change, let’s focus on home. The sooner you can get the housework done, the sooner you can have some fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Make some lists:
  • things you always should have on hand (include a few dinner ingredients in there, like pasta and sauce)
  • things that you have to stay on top of (like laundry)
  • an essential weekly meal plan that you can repeat if needed
  • Clean as you go. Use after-shower sprays to clean that area, wipe out the bathroom sink and toss the towel in the wash when you’re done.
  • Clean the kitchen after dinner — no soaking overnight.
  • Set up a command area where everything that needs your attention goes.
  • Get ready the night before.
  • Simplify and declutter. You know you need to.
  • Consider capsule wardrobes for everyone. A limited number of clothes where everything matches everything else. I did this with my son and only bought solid colors. I do this myself now. It’s a lot easier.
  • Take advantage of automation and your phone — order groceries. Pay bills online. Deposit checks online. Delete your social media apps.

Finally, keep your priorities in mind.

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