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A Good Morning Starts with a Great Evening Routine

You see a lot these days about morning routines, but what about evening ones?

The best way to begin your day is to start the night before. Get your outfit ready and your breakfast and lunch. Put your stuff by the door, check your calendar, and the weather too.

You wake up prepared for the day.

Not only does this put you ahead of schedule as soon as you open your eyes, but it reduces the number of decisions you have to make at the beginning of the day.

We all have a finite number of decisions before we reach decision fatigue. It makes sense to save simple ones like what to wear or eat the next day for the evening when you’ve got limited brainpower left.

A quick review of your planner the night before gives you an idea of what to expect the next day. No more last-minute surprises. Same for checking the weather.

You can go further and pack your lunch or get your breakfast started. Overnight oats, maybe? And if you have a programmable coffee maker or a smart plug connected to your phone or another device, that morning cup will be nice and hot when you’re ready for it.

Plan this part of your routine for early evening to not interfere with your sleep. You can follow with charging your devices, brushing your teeth, and changing into comfy PJs to help you ease into bedtime.

Try it just once. That’s all the convincing you will need.

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