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4 Quick Tips for Self-Care That You Can Use Anywhere

Self-care has seven pillars, but we’re talking about three, plus a tip to help you save time.

Mental, emotional, and physical self-care are most important because they’re personal to you. Taking care of the inside first helps you deal with the outside, like environmental and social care. Time-saving tips show you how to make time for better self-care.

Mental Self-Care:

Mental health, in this context, refers to your brain’s ability to process information.

When you can’t think straight, you need to stop and take a break.

Self-care would include things that help keep your cognitive abilities sharp. Your Wordle addiction is now validated! Learning a new word daily is a quick, easy way to keep your brain active.

Emotional Self-Care:

This is all about feelings and learning to deal with them positively.

If you are experiencing an uncomfortable emotion, take a minute to tune into your body and see how it feels. If you need to respond, this gives you time. Also, ask yourself, “Is this true?”

Physical Self-Care:

We put our bodies through a lot; they need time to recharge.

Oxygen and water are your heroes here. Make sure you’re always hydrated, and take a minute for some deep breathing.

Time-Saving Tip:

Using time efficiently gives you more time for yourself.

Aim for no more than three main tasks per day for work. At home, after cooking and dishes, you’ve got one left. See this for help.

Practice Daily

You’ll never regret taking care of yourself. Do it every day until it’s a habit. You deserve to feel your best!

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